International expertise, local practice, and a clear understanding of client needs, make Quality Partnerships your trustworthy choice for solving your standards problems and speedily obtaining market access licenses in China.

Access the local market ahead of your competitors with our policy of:

  • No surprises!
  • Time - Optimized!
  • Costs - Predictable!
  • Intellectual Property - Protected!

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QP offers technical support and specialized consulting on certification and licensing schemes in China. We can assist you with CCC, NAL, SRRC, ‘Special Equipment’ approval and many more market access schemes.


Our documents centre, where you can find all relevant materials for download.


Relevant standards and conformity assessment regulations available to you on the QP database.


Standards have a significant impact on market access, and trade in general. The inclusion of Chinese national and sector standards within the CCC mandatory certification schemes are not always notified to the WTO. Remaining up-to-date with the latest development in Chinese standards is a key factor for succeeding in the market.

The Quality Partnerships Team

QP has assembled a team of experts with long term experience in the fields of quality infrastructure, together with professionals from different backgrounds but with a similarly solid track record.

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