About Us

Quality Partnerships LLC was founded in Switzerland in order to meet the needs of the growing number of companies looking for a professional standard of technical support to enter the Chinese market with products and services.

Quality Partnerships assembles international and Chinese experts with long-term experience in quality infrastructure and standards in China and abroad.

We assist companies with market access support and deliver business services for rapid licensing of products and services, with a focus on China Compulsory Certification (CCC).

We provide answers to governments, NGOs, and businesses on questions related to quality infrastructure, conformity assessment, and market surveillance. Quality Partnerships is actively engaged in fostering EU-China co-operation on standards and operates, for the European standardization organizations –CEN, CENELEC, and ETSI–, the Seconded European Standardization Expert for China (SESEC) Project.

Quality Partnerships is the Merger and Acquisitions expert in the testing, inspection and certification market. Our company provides a developed process management in all three M&A phases: preparation, transaction and integration. This unique combination of know-how and project management experience ensures smooth and successful deals and allows clients to have full transparency.

Our pragmatic approach, extensive knowledge, and thorough quality control make Quality Partnerships the ideal choice for accessing the Chinese market.