FAQ – CCC Exemptions

Is there a scheme for exemptions from CCC certification?

Yes, there is a regulation granting exemptions from CCC under specific circumstances. Note that these exemptions apply for small series and single importation only.

What product can be exempted from CCC?

According to CCC regulations, the following products may be granted an exemption:

  • Products needed for scientific research and testing;
  • Products needed for the assessment components required for production;
  • Products required for maintenance directly sent to end-user;
  • Ancillary equipment and components used for factory production lines (excluding office supplies);
  • Products used for commercial displays, not to be sold;
  • Products imported temporarily and to be returned (including exhibits);
  • Used for Import & export trade with the general components;
  • Used for export-processing with imported materials or spare parts.

Who can apply for CCC exemptions?

Anybody who can apply for CCC certification can apply for CCC exemptions. It is strongly recommended to rely on the support of an importer / freight forwarder familiar with the system for import of products under CCC exemption regulation. Quality Partnerships can provide you with names of trusted freight forwarders on request.