When do I need CCC?

You will need CCC compliance when importing and/or placing products on the China market listed in the CCC catalogue. This scheme applies equally for imported and for domestically produced goods.

What happens if I do not have CCC or if my CCC certificate is expired?

You are not allowed to place products listed in the CCC catalogue in the China market if your do not have a valid type-specific CCC certificate for these products; this applies also for products which have already passed customs clearance.

How do I identify whether my products falls under the CCC catalogue?

Quality Partnerships can help you to identify the need for CCC certification of products; for such we would need a description of the product including picture and the HS code you used to import the product to China. If you are not sure about the HS classification of your product we suggest to rely on the support of an experienced importer or freight forwarder.

Is there a link between HS code and CCC catalogue?

No, there is no direct link between the two systems. Nevertheless, customs will rely on your HS classification when determining whether your products falls under the CCC catalogue.

Where can I find tables linking HS codes with CCC catalogue?

There is no official cross-referencing available. You might find such tables on the internet, however they are notoriously unreliable and might not reflect current practice. Quality Partnerships can help you to determine whether the product falls under the CCC catalogue

Is there voluntary CCC certification?

CCC is a government approval system and applies for the product categories listed in the CCC catalogue. There is no “voluntary” CCC – either the product falls under one of the categories in the catalogue and then it must undergo CCC certification or it does not, which then means it cannot become CCC certified. For products not under CCC regime, a voluntary Chinese product certification might be available.

Must the CCC mark appear on the packaging of a product intended for the Chinese market?

According to official guidelines, the mark must be applied on the product; if there is no space on the product itself, the mark must appear on the smallest packaging in which the product is wrapped in and on the related documentation. The mark can also be printed on the external packaging.