FAQ – Standards

My product is built according to newest European and international standards. Can I assume that such product is acceptable in China?

No, you have to ensure that your product complies with the applicable Chinese standards and regulations which may or may not be in line with respective EN or ISO/IEC standards.

Can I rely on European or International standards to prove compliance with CCC and other market access schemes in China?

China has a comprehensive system of national and industry sector standards in place covering a wide area of products and services. Such standards may or may not be aligned with international standards; thus it is of utmost importance to identify the applicable Chinese standards.

Where can I buy Chinese National Standards?

The Standard Administration of China operates a dedicated website where all National Chinese Standards can be purchased. Compulsory National Chinese Standards (GB – Standards) can be downloaded for free; voluntary National Chinese Standards can be purchased for a fee.

Where do I obtain English translations of Chinese Standards?

China does in general not provide official English translations of its standards. Thus, you will have to translate the respective Chinese standard yourself. Quality Partnerships is happy to offer professional translation by standardization specialists for a fee.