FAQ – Testing Reports

My product has been thoroughly tested outside China and detailed third party testing reports are available. Can they be used for CCC?

As a general principle, all testing for CCC has to be undertaken in a laboratory approved by CNCA for such tasks. There is no approved laboratory outside China, thus testing done overseas is in general not admissible. Exceptions are possible only where an international agreement guarantees mutual acceptance of testing reports and where CNCA has approved application of this scheme for CCC.

How about CB reports?

The IEC/EE agreement is one of the few schemes for recognition of testing reports admitted for the CCC certification process; nevertheless CB reports are accepted only for the areas generally covered by the  EU Low Voltage Directive.

My product has been tested according to the applicable Chinese standards; will such testing reports be accepted for the CCC scheme?

In general not, unless this report is a CB report based on an IEC standard recognized in China, or if the domestic Chinese testing lab issuing this report is indeed admitted to undertake such testing under CCC scheme.

What is important if I want to use a CB report as basis for CCC certification?

It is important that there is absolutely no doubt that the CB report represents exactly the product which shall be certified. Some of the critical points are:

  • Name and address must be aligned with CCC requirements
  • Numbers of models and components must be identical with those used for CCC
  • The report covers all critical components under CCC
  • CB report not older than 3 years
  • Testing data must be consistent with CCC requirements.

Are CB reports issued on TMP or WMP basis admissible for CCC scheme?

As a general principle, testing reports based on tests undertaken in a third part testing lab only will be recognized under the CCC scheme. Reports based on TMP/WMP need special approval to be recognized (not recommendable).