CCC Catalogue Reduced – transfer to Voluntary Certifications

As Chinese authorities have reduced the scope of the CCC Catalogue, CQC has now issued a notice on how they will handle the products that before were part of the CCC certificate.

Here below the points listed by CQC in relation to the items that are no longer part of the CCC scheme:

1. CQC will not accept anymore CCC applications for such products

2. CQC will start revoking previously issued CCC certificates for such products

3. 'Seat Protection Cover' and all items under ‘Interior Trimming Materials’ smaller than356mm×100mmcould apply for the 'Voluntary Certification Promoted by the State'

4. All remaining products can apply for the 'CQC Voluntary Product Certification' (CQC Mark Certification)

5. In order to apply to the two above-mentioned voluntary schemes, the owner of the CCC certificate can apply for conversion by presenting -if valid- the test report and factory inspection report previously issued for the CCC


CQC Notice (in Chinese):