China Certification for Information Security Products: CC-IS

CC-IS is the Chinese Certification Scheme for Information Security Products. The certification is compulsory for government procurement, and voluntary in all other cases.

13 product categories require CC-IS certification; they are listed in the Catalogue of Products Subject to Compulsory Certification (CCC Catalogue).

The 13 product categories can be divided into two main groups:

Group I: No Cryptography Group II: Cryptography
  • Network security separated cards and line selectors
  • Data backup and recovery products
  • Anti-spam products
  • Intrusion detection system products
  • Network vulnerability scanning products
  • Security audit products
  • Site restoration products
  • Firewall products*
  • Isolation and exchange of information security products*
  • Secure routers
  • Smart cards COS
  • Secure operating system products
  • Secure database system products

*    According to the level of protection of the product, you may not need the ‘Cipher Test Certification’

Group I: Certification of these products follows the standard procedure for all products requiring CCC certification listed in the CCC Catalogue. Based upon current regulations and under normal circumstances, the process for obtaining the relevant CC-IS certificate takes between 70 and 80 days.

Group II: Products falling under these product categories require a certification of their cryptography called ‘Cipher Test Certification’ before applying for CC-IS certification. Such certification is issued by the Office of the State Commercial Cryptography Administration (OSCCA). The combined certification of CC-IS in China and cryptography can take up to 200 days.

Quality Partnerships assists you in evaluating whether your products really need OSCCA certification and how to obtain CC-IS certification. We will help you identify which Chinese standards are relevant for your products, as well as the shortest and less costly path through testing and inspection so that you obtain your certification with the shortest possible delay.