China Compulsory Certification: CCC

Quality Partnerships offers support and consulting services for the China Compulsory Certification CCC.

CCC is a compulsory scheme based on National Chinese Standards (GB-Standards) for products listed in the Catalogue of Products subject to Compulsory Certification. Complying with CCC regulations is essential before producing or importing the listed products to China.

The CCC scheme consists of a certificate issued by a certification body appointed by the China government – in most cases the China Quality Centre (CQC) – and a mark to be placed either on the product itself, its packaging, or both. Products which are not placed on the market, but are meant to be for personal use or for export only, do not require CCC.

Exemptions from China CCC regulations are possible for samples and very small series. For more information click here

Letters "Free of CCC" are useful for products which do not fall under the CCC Catalogue, but for which the exact classification might prove difficult. For more information click here

Quality Partnerships provides extensive CCC support: We help you initiate the relevant procedures and reach successful certification. We will identify products which might fall under the CCC Catalogue, find products where exemptions might apply, and suggest to you where a letter "Free of CCC" might be adequate,