CCC Exemptions

Exemptions from China CCC regulations are possible under very limited circumstances: Most common are exemptions for temporary imports, testing samples, and very small series such as small lots of spare components. Below you find the full list of potential exemptions as per Announcement No.3 of 2005 from the Accreditation and Certification Administration of China (CNCA):

Products qualifying for a CCC Waiver:

1.      Products imported for scientific research and test purposes

2.      Product parts imported for technology examination and production line introduction

3.      Products imported for repair services for the end user

4.      Equipments imported as part of a manufacturing production line (excluding office equipment)

5.      Products imported for commercial exhibits only (no sales)

6.      Products imported temporarily, to be returned and shipped out of China (e.g. exhibitions or testing)

7.      Product parts imported as regular trading goods, for the purpose of exporting the whole system

8.      Product parts imported in the way of processing materials supplied by clients, for the purpose of exporting the whole system

Manufacturers, importers, sellers or representatives can apply for exemptions. Nevertheless, we have to point out, that any of above exemption are granted under very limited circumstances only, and that the process requires support by a qualified freight forwarder and importer. Quality Partnerships will support you with the application for such exemption processes.

CCC Exemption Approval:

If none of above CCC Waiver conditions apply, the law provides also for the possibility of obtaining a 'CCC Exemption Approval’: It has to be noted though that this process is handled very restrictive by Chinese authorities and can be used for small lots only.

The authorities will evaluate the circumstances on a case-by-case basis. The process for obtaining the CCC Exemption Approval generally requires testing. The exemption certification is valid for one month, with possibility to request an extension. The total amount of imported components must not exceed the amount declared on the certificate.