Letters “Free of CCC”

The decision whether a product falls under the CCC Catalogue is not always trivial: Since the product categories in the Catalogue contain a very broad description only, it is important to refer also the underlying standards and instructions. An investigation whether a product is "Free of CCC" will include the following criteria, in the order listed:

  1. Product classes in the CCC Catalogue
  2. Scope of applicable standards for the applicable product category
  3. CNCA instructions for certification for the applicable product category
  4. Additional comments by CNCA and CQC on product classification (not public)

If the product does not fall under the CCC Catalogue it makes often sense to supply additional technical documentation for China customs. Most effective is such document if supplied by a known specialist on CCC certification: Quality Partnerships is regularly issuing such letters "Free of CCC" where this seems appropriate.

Note: The HS-code is not included in above criteria since there is no direct link between the general customs classification and the CCC Catalogue. Albeit many such list exist, they do not have legal value and  are notoriously unreliable.