China Energy Label: CEL

The China Energy Label (CEL) comes in a compulsory and a voluntary version: The label is required for products listed in the Catalogue of Products that Require Energy Efficiency Label.

Basic information to be provided on the label shall include:

1. Name, or its shortened form, of the manufacturer of the product;
2. Product model;
3. Energy efficiency level of the product;
4. Energy consumption of the product;
5. Code of the national standard applied.

In order to prepare the label for your products, you will have test the energy efficiency of the product based on Chinese standards for evaluating the energy efficiency level of the selected products. The resulting classification of the product must be approved by the Chinese authorities before the label can be affixed to the product.

Once the importation process has started, it is required to record each model with the Energy Label Administration Centre within 30 days from the date on which your products are placed on the market.

Following the initial record, a yearly report on each model’s label usage must be presented to the relevant authorities; the document must be submitted before March 15 of every year. According to regulations, the Energy Label Administration Centre must be informed promptly of any changes that occur regarding the manufacturer.

Quality Partnerships assists you in identifying all the requirements relevant for your product to be included on the energy label and ensures that the latter is properly prepared and recorded.