China RoHS

The ‘China Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)’ regulation requires testing according to the Chinese Industry standard SJ/T11365-2006; the requirements for concentration limits of the restricted substances are specified by the Chinese standard SJ/T11363-2006. The measurement methods and limits are similar to the respective EN/IEC standards and EU regulations.

Self-Declaration for RoHS in China

The self-declaration consists of a mark and a declaration of content.

The relevant mark will have to be included in the product’s name plate and printed on the packaging as well.

The declaration of content regarding the six RoHS substances will have to be included in either the manual or the packaging.

There are two main marks:

Should the contents exceed a certain limit of considered dangerous elements, you will have to affix the product with the time duration mark (the ‘ten-year’ mark).

Otherwise, it will be sufficient to affix the “all clear” mark.

If your product has been tested for the European market and you have a full documentation available in English for the respective testing methods and results, you can assume that this documentation is sufficient to support the self-declaration in China.

Voluntary Certification for ‘China RoHS’

In May 2010, the Chinese government announced their intention to establish a certification scheme for ‘China RoHS’ and that will include a voluntarily testing in designated laboratories for RoHS in China.

The related mark will be:

The official implementing regulations for this scheme have not been published yet.  As soon as this scheme is established, you might be asked by your Chinese buyers to provide such certificate.

Companies wishing to have their products certified by Chinese certification bodies on a voluntary basis, can chose to undergo testing and certification with Chinese certification bodies, such as CQC and CESI. These certifications are already available.

The voluntary RoHS certification mark issued by CQC :

The voluntary RoHS certification mark issued by CESI:

Quality Partnerships assists you in identifying what steps should be undertaken in order to obtain the relevant RoHS certificates as fast as possible.