Import License for Mechanical and Electrical Products

Electro-mechanical products are subject to an import license administered by the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM).

This license should be applied for at the expected local port of entry, more specifically at its office for import/export of mechanical and electrical products. Once the application is accepted by local authorities, the processing of an import license application may take approximately 20 working days.

The China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (CIQ) checks whether the products shipped to China are in line with national requirements and Chinese mechanical and electrical products certification, such as the CCC (or other compulsory certifications) standards. Standards checked can include Chinese National standards, industry related standards, international standards or import/export standards. The CIQ then checks further product-related technical documentation. After inspection, CIQ issues a document (the ‘tong guan dan’) for Customs.

For Customs clearance, imported goods need a relevant import license, the CIQ’s approval and compliance with relevant Customs laws/regulations for the importation of products.

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