Radio-Type Approvals: SRRC

Quality Partnerships supports you with obtaining the SRRC license, required for equipment emitting radio waves.

The SRRC license is administered by the Radio Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and aims to ensure the effective use of radio frequency spectrum resources.

The SRRC license is mandatory and applies to 11 classes of radio equipment that cover most devices transmitting electromagnetic wave signals while in operation. Among the types of equipment that require such approval are: cellular phones, base stations, cordless phones, broadcasting equipment, RFID devices, low power wireless devices, wireless microphones, and CB radios.

The process consists of a document review and a type testing. The time required for obtaining the radio-transmission type approval is normally: 20 working days for processing the application, 20 working days for product testing, and an additional 20 working days for issuing the SRRC license number and certificate. The SRRC license number must be printed on the product.

Quality Partnerships will assess whether your product needs the SRRC license and identify the steps required to obtain the relevant permits as quickly as possible.