Access to Standards in China

The Standards Press of China (SPC) is the only publication centre in China that publishes National Standards, Sector Standards, standard compilation books, scientific and technical books, and other books concerned with standardization, quality control and quality supervision.

National Standards can also be accessed at the libraries of the National and Provincial Institutes for Standardization – in general for a fee or free of charge for research purposes. National Compulsory Standards can be downloaded for free from the  SAC website.

Sector Standards are in general owned by the respective ministry or a related industrial association; they can be bought by the publishing house designated by the standardization body in charge. Some better organized publishing houses publish their index on their websites. However, for other bodies the only way to find out what standards exist is to visit the designated publishing house. In general there is no difference in availability of voluntary and compulsory Sector Standards.

Implementation rules for CCC certification – which often have the character of quasi-standards especially in measurement methodology – can be obtained from certification bodies in China; for CCC rules this is generally the China Quality Certification Centre (CQC).

In order to purchase National Standards online, one needs to access the official online store provided by SAC and SPC: The procedure for making purchases is as follows:

1) Register as a member;
2) Input number or name of the relevant standard, find it and then click to buy it;
3) There are three versions available, each with a different price:
a) “Read only” – when one downloads and opens the file, it can only be done on one and the same computer. If there is a need to share it with somebody else, it is possible to download the file without opening it, forward it directly, and then the other person can open it on his/her computer.
b) “Print only” – when one downloads and opens the PDF file of the standard, the file will be blank, but by clicking “print”, the content will be provided on paper. The text can be printed only once.
c) ”Read & print ” – allows one to open the file on the computer and print it once.
4) Payment for the service can be transferred by an online bank, transferred by the post-office or paid in advance by a member account.
5) In order to download the standard, one needs to download it in the “fileopen.exe” form on:, and then it can be opened as a .pdf file.