Quality Partnerships provides assistance in accessing and understanding Chinese standards to companies, standards setting organizations and governmental agencies and institutions.

-          Professional translation of Chinese standards and technical documentation: Quality Partnerships can provide precise and reliable English translations of Chinese standards and technical documentation. Our rapid translation services of Chinese standards are ensured by Chinese standardization experts and proofread by a team of Europeans experienced in European standardization and relative technical language.

-          Support and hosting for European and other non-Chinese standards setting organizations: Quality Partnerships offers tailored support for non-Chinese standards setting organizations, allowing them to achieve a quick foothold in China.

-          Support to governmental agencies and institutions: Quality Partnerships provides tailored assistance to public institutions with standards-related issues in China. Currently Quality Partnerships is managing the SESEC project on behalf of the European Commission, EFTA, CEN, CENELEC and ETSI, to enhance visibility of European standardization and contribute to the integration of China into the WTO trade system. Moreover, it helps European industry to maintain and increase its competitiveness in the global marketplace.